Penshurst Flax Mill (continued)


The Opening at the Penshurst Flax Mill

The Artists.

Mr C. Roberts proposed "The Artists." They had put on a good show and he congratulated Mr Keane on the arrangements. Mr Keane replied on behalf of the artists.

The Builder.

Mr E. S. Harris, contractor for the erection of the mill, hoped that the future of the industry was such as to make full use of the modern mill. He thanked Mr and Mrs Baulch for their efforts in catering for the men on the constructional work and Mr O'Connor for providing sleeping accommodation.

The Chairman.

Mr P. Riggall gave the concluding toast — that of the Chairman. Cr. Schramm had rendered excellent assistance in all directions and he congratulated him on his efforts. Now that he had a flax mill in the town, he anticipated the chairman turning his efforts to obtaining a spinning mill. Cr. Schramm suitably returned thanks. The manner in which the arrangements for the function had been carried out was wonderful.


During the evening musical items were rendered by the following: — Mrs. Chapman, Messrs S. Mirtschin, R. Keane, J. Addinsall, G. Arnold and G. Munro. Mrs J. Ryan played the accompaniments.

Four years after the opening of the Penshurst Mill, the Federal government was considering the future of the Flax industry. This letter on the next page is part of Government files now open to the public.

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