Penshurst Review 1994 - 2002

Penshurst Review is an electronic record of articles about Penshurst, which appeared in the Hamilton Spectator during 1998 to 2002. At the time of compiling this web page, the original articles are available in laminated newspaper form, most of them on the walls of Mt. Rouse & District Historical Society's Museum in the 'old' Shire of Mount Rouse building. The purpose of the web page is to be a backup record, in case the originals should become damaged or 'disappear'. Our small society can not afford the software to reproduce it in portable digital format (PDF).

Cup Sale Recalls Water-born 'Mermaid' - By Brian O'Brien, 20/8/1994

The Melbourne Cup of Shearing - By Tracy Macklin, 19/10/1996

Volcano, Lasers and the Casino - By Brian O'Brien, 26/7/97

Robbery under Arms - Penshurst News 11/10/1997, and Hamilton Spectator 5/8/1898

Woolshed Set for Another Century - By Brian O'Brien, 10/1/98

Elemental Music, Primitive Setting - By Ruth Pihl, 4/4/98

When Rail Was King - By Brian O'Brien, 17/10/98

Volcanoes Tourism Potential a Winner - By Brian O'Brien 21/11/1998

A Change of Reputation for Hated Protector - By Brian O'Brien, 13/1/01

Pressure As Sievwright Is Dogged By Superiors - By Brian O'Brien, 20/1/01

Pomp and Ceremony - But No Larrikins - By Brian O'Brien, 19/5/01

A Passion for Justice and a Fearless Critic - By Brian O'Brien, 2/6/01

Patsy and Penshurst - By Brian O'Brien, 13/10/01

Tales from the Sheds Were District Legends - By Brian O'Brien, 29/12/01

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